Monday, 5 August 2013

"H2W2" FREE eBook (How to complete your own creative projects) + Organize your life from any device with the simple interconnected world of Evernote

Starting things off on a refreshing note this week. Ever since I started reading H2W2: HOW TO DO AN ARTS PROJECT, WHERE TO GET HELP on my boyfriend's tablet (for free, might I add) I've been very productive with my time regarding my artistic projects. This is exactly what I needed! Something that gathers together every step I should take under consideration. This book has helped me understand that there is so much more I can be doing with my time than I thought, and makes me feel equiped to take on bigger things.


  • Introduction (or advice to the first-timer)
  • Part One: Planning and delivering your project idea (step by step)
  • Part Two: Common project issues
  • Part Three: Specific information for specific kinds or projects
  • Part Four: More legal issues in creative projects
  • Part Five: Case studies of young people who have done it
  • Part Six: Where to go for help, advice, resources and opportunities.

For now I am starting by gathering a bunch of keywords & images + jotting down many many notes and sketches if all kinds and colors of things. This is where Evernote comes in handy.

It helps to organize all my ideas, which seems to be exactly the point. I know that Evernote as an app has been very popular on app stores for some time now but I haven't started using it until now. What seems so worth it with Evernote is that it is so mobile. I have the program, (it was already installed on my HP computer but you can download it from their website) I have the app in my phone and tablet, and worst case scenario, there is always the actual website. They are all synced together, your ideas follow you everywhere.

Comparing Onenote to Evernote
The only issue I have with Evernote is that it isn't enough like Microsoft's OneNote, in the sense that notebook customizations such as colors or categories/subcategories doesn't seem to be Evernote's forte, in my opinion, limiting your ability to properly organize your thoughts. I'm not going to be picky about that though. I do have a tendancy to exagerate with the way I organize any aspect of my life, wasting my time or "stalling" without fully realizing it by getting carried away with the details of the organisation itself (like those customisations I was talking about). In that sense, I guess evernote is perfect for me because it's simpler than OneNote.