Friday, 14 June 2013

Designing my First Kraft Moleskine Diary

Hot summer day today. Bijou's relaxing and I'm drawing on the cover of my first kraft moleskine (got them yesterday at Staples). It's stressful and really requires I take my time to make it look as professional as I possibly can. I hope the end result will look good enough for the prices I've decide on...

Pocket Diary: 12$
Medium Diary: 20$ 
(the one I'm working on)
Large diary: 30$

( - What do you think? - )
  • The background will be a swarm of little berries coming from the top back, pouring toward the bottom in a curved motion. A bit like this drawing I made a few years ago: 

  • On the bottom will be a nicely shaped box reserved for the buyer to write their name, and if there's space, the year.
  • The coloring will probably be partial... my best bet for professionalism is to properly mix the drawing with the gorgeous Kraft textured background. Still not sure how I am going to do that without a pattern, otherwise it might start to look more like a colored drawing... Maybe I'll make one.