Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lazy Sunday night chit chat

Spent the day reorganizing cupboards and drawing for my art portfolio. I am hoping to put together a portfolio impressive enough to convince a tattoo parlor to take me as an apprentice. Marathoning Harry Potters with Oli... probably going to bed soon.

My blue hair is long gone. I "quit" temporarily by letting it fade to blonde & decided to just bleach my roots monthly because it is so much less hard on me money-wise right now. Not sure if I will be bringing blue hair back, I am enjoying being pale blonde more than I would have thought. (helps to bleach the eyebrows) Feels right for a first.

Listening to BEACH HOUSE for the most part these days.
So relaxing...

It's been raining all day, preventing me from spending time outside. It's a shame it's already night. Hope to get some fresh air tomorrow.

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