Sunday, 18 November 2012

AYASHA iPhone 4 case

Finished this a while ago yet I hadn’t posted it on Zazzle for some reason. Or Deviant art or anywhere. It was forgotten. So I posted it this morning and called it “Ayasha”. Because I was aiming for a touch of tribal when making this, I thought of naming it after an American Indian name. I looked up a list & of all the name meanings, this one, “little one”, spoke to me.

I was actually largely inspired by Fever Ray when I made this, even though I was mostly listening to PJ Harvey’s White Chalk album that I had just discovered,  which is…….. amazing.

I also posted this on Deviant art. Went to the store, came back, 5 views and a favorite. Better than nothing… I think I should go look for some more groups to be a contribute my art in.

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