Thursday, 15 November 2012

Water Colors & Pen ink

Renée Nault's art. She has a Tumblr and an Etsy shop.

What a great idea. Mixing water colors with regular pen ink drawings. Well, capital duh to that. It’s a whole genre on it’s own and this is certainly not the first time I see this. I guess I just realized that maybe this would be a good way for me to finally start watercolors. Because the idea of watercolor paint worries me, and my attempts have been pretty bad. I guess I should concentrate on creating detail with the pen, not with the paint. At least as a start.

I can also tell (maybe? Maybe not?) that perhaps the artist used a method of... Blocking out the main shape and painting all over, then removing the main shape. I don't know if it just looks that way or if she really went around it but that soudns like a good idea none the less.

Another thing I love about this painting in particular is the tear drop. Kind of reminds me of a "Pierrot", which is... I guess some kind of French Clown from a song I've been tought as a child. (Au claire de la lune, mon ami pierrot.) This is a theme I love and inspire myself of allot.

(The popular image of Pierrot in the 80's. Painter = unkown) [ Image source ]
In this image you can see the tear drop I referenced. In many interpretations of Pierrot (costume wise, art wise...) there is a black tear drop on only one eye. I don't know if this was intentional or not in Renée's illustration but I thought it may have been a possiblity.

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