Saturday, 17 November 2012

Silver Shield Crescent Moon Locket for Christmas

The Etsy item I’d like to share today is this Antique silver shield locket necklace with vintage by InmostLight, and it is actually something I will be getting for Christmas! 

(InmostLight seems to be restocking these so my purchase doesn`t mean that this item has been snatched away for good! It is still available.)

My grandmother has my mom do her Christmas shopping and she just asks us what it is we’d like. I chose this because it’s beautiful, kind of reminds me of a mix of… well, in keywords, medieval, celestial, witchy, castle, gypsy, wizard, night, moon… you know, these words all mix into a kind of theme I really like. To me it symbolizes a part of me that goes back far, when I was a kid. A part of me that is more imaginative than anything. (Plus… it also kind of reminds me of sailor moon, okay!!!)

I’m sure my grandmother will be happy I chose a piece of jewelry. She likes the idea of sentimental gifts like these.

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