Friday, 22 March 2013

3D Glittery rocky iPhone Cases

This is my first finished product from a new line of products I am planning to set out. This is decidedly the project I will be sticking to for my shop from now on.

I've always loved the idea of gloop. Thick slime or oil spills, something about it feels so bold and intense. And I often like to stare at some of the beads in my enormous bead collection and find them so yummy, like real eye candy. I like to play with them and combine them with one another. But in all honesty I've never been much of a jewelry kind of person. Well, actually, I love simplistic jewelry like tiny pendants on tiny chains, things like that. But beaded jewelry, as much as I love to see it on others, has never really been my personal thing, despite my love for beads themselves.

Anyway. So one night I got the idea of making an art piece: I poured acrylic paint on a thick sheet of black paper, covered it in my favorite shimmer powders and stuck my favorite beads in it in a way that I thought would complement a room if hung in a frame on a wall (to give it a 3D crafty artsy look.)

When I woke up the next day I tested the page's resistance to movement by making waves and bends in the sheey (I like to test my products for any potential damage before thinking of selling them) and the dry paint puddle cracked and opened up to a sub-layer of still wet paint. Had to put it in the garbage in the end.

Then my boyfriend suggested I do it on solid iPod cases, and I got the idea of not only using beads but nature as well. Rocks, twigs, this sort of thing. Made this iPhone case and 24 hours after it being listed, I was able to gather 10 admirers and 6 views from my usual team thread games. May not seem like much to an advanced Etsy seller but it's a start... Not to mention my case seems to be featured in the first page of a number of popular searches I've made to test it out, so the keywords really help. I have a good feeling about this.

Ordered these two cases on eBay yesterday. This may sound ridiculous but I don't have enough money to buy more than that. My mother is planning on buying another bracelet from me though, so I will be using the money from that sale to get another iPhone case or two. When I have enough iPhone 4 cases in my shop I will get iPOD cases, then dip into the 5th generations of both. I have many ideas for this project and I am very excited!


  1. I think you're on to something there. It'll be interesting to see how your shop evolves as you try new ideas and add to your collection. Best of luck to you.

  2. :) Nice! I really like the gold one. Can't wait to see the others decorated. I've always liked the texture of thick acrylics and junk, too.

  3. Thanks guys! Keeping my fingers crossed & working on the development of my shop every day.