Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Blue hair dye disaster

So after 10 bleaches in less than 1 week (you read correctly) and one very refreshing blonde toner, several clumps in my hair brush later (which I didn't really mind), my hair didn't exactly turn out the way I was expecting it to.


 ... So I applied the manic panic SHOCKING BLUE, and my hair went from blonde to a mix of black, navy, purple, blue, greenish brown... it doesn't seem to show on the picture, but in reality it's just allover the place, and transforming for the worse with every wash since. What I have wasted is a total of 100$, and as much as that is a mother load of allot for me in my circumstances (let alone a miracle that I was able to save up that much in the first place), looking on the bright side, it would have cost triple that at a salon. So yeah. That's the bright side, I guess.

I'll be honest. I got depressed for a few days. Really depressed. Might still be on the inside. But I'm making the effort to distract myself with yet another new idea I got for my Etsy shop that I truly believe will this time finally get my shop noticed & running. And I'm telling myself over and over that it's JUST hair. It's just that. And I don't even have a job out in public, so I can hide inside till I think of what the next step will be for my supersonic video game character troll-hair. (sigh...) Yeah, I know, I'm exaggerating. I think I deserve a bit of that. But again, on the bright side, my boyfriend and mom and sisters seem to enjoy the new look, and I guess that's a little comforting while it will still have to stay on my head.


  1. But at least you did it. Brave and I love your honest thoughts on the outcome.

  2. Keep up the good attitude. You're right, it is just hair! Great post.