Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pomplamoose memories + Actually getting my blue hair!

Wow. I used to listen to this band allot a few years ago. I felt as if I'd found a real gem, really loved the sound of their music. Ever get one of those moments when you remember something is really good to the point that you stop everything you're doing and go find it?

If you like Feist, you'll love this Youtube born band and their covers / singles.

Well... in other news, I did something crazy 3 days ago! I went out and got 3 bottles of peroxide, 10 packs of bleaching powder and a few other things and started burning the dark brown right out of my hair in a long journey to platinum blonde, which is the base I will need to die my hair Shocking Blue by manic panic. I was supposed to keep my money for something else but... I thought, to hell with it. I'm just gonna finally do it.

I am currently a very pale ginger, not quite at the blonde yet, but I still have 3 more packs of bleach and a blonde hair color to go through before I expect I will be ready for the blue dye. My hair is very very angry at me, not friends with my brush much anymore but I calm it down with massive amounts of conditioner between bleaches. Yes, I've bleached my hair 7 times in the past 3 days. OUCH! I'm aware of what I'm doing, and as I expected, because I am not leaving the bleaching solution anywhere near my roots till the last 4-5 minutes of the treatment, I am not losing any hair. The damage is obvious but my hair recovers very easily with the right touch of love. (conditioning love)

So yeah! Hoping to get rid of this ginger tint tomorrow & finally get it all over with! 7 showers in just 3 days... and it's giving me some kind of a cold & wet scalp headache, not to mention a few bleach rashes resulting from my ears, neck & shoulders having been too exposed to the bleach. Once this is all done, I look forward to relaxing and enjoying the new almost witchy night blue look.

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