Friday, 18 January 2013

Art Schools

The two schools I am hesitating over going to are these:Lionel Groulx, a french college only two buses away with a good art program that allot of my art student friends have been through.

(Image sources: The Lionel groulx website and Journal de Montreal)

1. Lionel Groulx College

which has an apparently excellent art program that many of my art student friends have been through. My issue with this school is the fact that I am not looking for a full college experience that will look good on my CV. I feel that some of the classes might be a waste of my time as I really only want to take classes that are going to be relevant to the kind of work I am going to be doing as a lone artist. I'm not going to be working for a company, I'm going to be working for myself. And time is a factor in all of this. I'll have to check with the school if there is any way to cut the classes I don't feel I will need. I'm not excluding the informative classes verses the technical classes, like history of art for example. I'm thinking more of classes completely unrelated to art, the basic college classes like English and so on. I feel those would be a waste of time and money.

2. Visual Arts Center's Art School

This is not the official image, I took it with Google Maps. This is a school in Montreal that specifies in Art. It isn't just a school, it's also an art gallery from Tuesday to Friday on weekdays, and on Saturdays. They have many classes, from painting to drawing to photography, to sculpting, and so on. Seems allot more... to the point than going ahead with the full college program... package. Honestly this appeals to me more than the college thing, but it is much farther down town, and if I don't have a car and driver's licence by then... ahhh! It's going to be scary for me. I fear Montreal. Montreal is a bit comparative to New York safety wise... verses it's safer surrounding cities. And I have a hard time picturing myself walking around those streets alone in the evenings...

These are the two schools I have to consider. I will have a decision to make soon, so I'll be thinking it over.

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