Thursday, 17 January 2013

Shipping a Canvas Painting

I haven't blogged here for some time because I've been spending all my free time from school boxing, because Oli and I will be moving out more or less in 9 days from now. This is both very exciting and very tiring for me, as I sort through the mess I've let accumulate, that used to be something of a bedroom.

I came across a painting of a clown girl I'd drawn a few months back and couldn't really picture this one on any of our walls. I figured I should look into how I would go about selling it, if I could manage to. How does one ship a canvas?

This video on Youtube shows how simple it is to ship a 20x16" Canvas with this company's simple shipping supplies. It's called the Canvaspak.

I looked it up on their website and it says that for this size of canvas, which is exactly the size I happen to need, it would cost £50.18 for a pack of 10. In other words, About 79 Canadian dollars, divided into ten. The packaging cost would thus be of less than 10$ for a canvas, which is better than I had expected.

Now I wonder how much it is going to cost to ship this to the US, Canada and Worldwide... It's going to be funny shipping things out considering my mom just got a job at my preferred post office! Life is getting so strange for me. All these new things in store for my near future... I hope this change in lifestyle will be refreshing. I'm actually counting on it.

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