Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Presenting our 3 week old kitten! + Currently

That's my little baby!!! Bijoux! (French for jewel/jewelry/precious thing, as in a "un vrais bijoux" ("a real gem")) This is our kitten to be. Well, he is currently a kitten. Duh. But he's only a few weeks old, so we can't take him to the new house for another month or so. I got to hold him for two hours today, sitting warmly at the fire. He squirms and meows when you lift him, which worries me, but when I set him down on me, he calms down. I think he's getting used to me, because every time I pick him up he seems to be getting more comfortable, falling in deeper sleeps rather than dropping his head and lifting it up like he's surprised himself off guard like he did the first time I picked him up. Today he even rolled over on to his back and started stretching and licking himself! (or, trying to lick himself rather... it was dead CUTE!) It was brief, but it means he feels at least a little safe on me... right? I think he liked baking in the warmth near the fire, rather than being at the back of that closet, for a change...

I've been seeing people, and this is funny, everyone everywhere allover my blog reader, saying this or something similar: "Everyone has been doing this Currently thing so I'm gonna do it too!". And so, here I am, pretty much saying the same thing.

// c u r e n t l y //

Drinking : My dad's really into juicing, so... today's mix is cucumber, chicory, celery, ginger, strawberry... it's just allover the place. Can't really place the taste, but... it's healthy! Definitely healthy.

Listening : Needed to listen to Lilies (Bat for Lashes, Haunted Man) and stumbled upon one of my all time favorites, Let Go (Imogen Heap, Frou Frou), which feels... really really good. Really don't listen to music enough...

Anticipating: MOVING OUT! G'AAAH! Two days... TWO DAYS!!!

Planning: Waiting for Oli to finish super at his mom's, cause he said when he'd come back, we could go to the house so he can show me how apparently wonderful the curtains we picked yesterday look all set up, and so that we can start putting away kitchen supplies and all my little bathroom things! YAY!!!

Watching: See, that's the thing. You can't have a "Drinking" and a "Watching" in the same "Currently" post. Unless currently doesn't mean right right now, but generally as of late. I'm gonna admit that the listening part was more like... half an hour ago. I am however truthfully watching, right now, American Idol. My dad got this china device that records your PC's live TV and I'm in the room. And I can't help but turn my head around every time Niki Minaj talks because I just can't get enough of her. I mean, Niki Minaj. She's, she's just a whole hell of a lot of something.

Missing: Bijoux! He's in my sister's bedroom with his mom, who's a total cow of a cat. Attacks everyone for no reason, completely unapproachable. Motherly hormonal cat gone wild. So I avoid going in there.

Going: To scavenge for food in the fridge.

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