Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas Gifts

So thankful for all the things I've received from my family for Christmas this year. Thought I might share a few of my favorites.

A STARBUCKS gift card and gift basket
including two mugs with the STARBUCKS logo on them, for Oli and I to use in our new home when we move out in a few weeks from now. (Can't wait to see them in our cupboards)

A snowflake covered Lasenza robe that is extra extra comfortable...
(At the end of the day, I like to take all my clothes off and wear just this, because it feels so amazingly soft on my skin...)

A KOBO Mini eReader in white
Perfect size to fit in my palm & fits easily in my coat pocket.
(I've already loaded it with 14 different eBooks!)

A medieval-like moon shield necklace made by InmostLight on Etsy
I chose this gift myself. It's bigger than I thought, and the chain is shinier than I expected, which are both pleasant surprises. I put it on almost every day and love showing it off.

A large textured black journal by C.R. Gibson
(with a beautiful pattern of diamond shapes in light-grey and white allover the beginning pages and end pages, and a bit on the template of every page in between)

A pack of 5 of my favorite pens, "PILOT G-TEC-C4s"
I use these to write in my diary, to correct my work at school, and to draw. The perfect precision and ink flow allows for it to be easily scanned and edited, and it's ultra thin tip (0.4mm) allows me to make small details, like several thin lines to compose a full head of hair, and so on. No other kind of pen that I have used has ever been able to beat the quality of these particular pens.

A recipe book that is perfect for a girl like me who is about to start cooking for two on a daily basis for the first time in her life. All I've ever really made is... spaghetti sauce, pineapple ham, tuna cheese rice casserole, sushi, ratatouille... and... omelets? They're all pretty basic. This book tells me how to pick, keep, peel, and cook all kinds of different foods, with a bonus of 60 recipes.

Almost everything one (or two rather) would need for a kitchen. Pots, pans, knife set, dishes, utensils... practically everything. which is a huge help to us.

(* All images in this post are from miscelaneous external sources *)

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