Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Circles, Hello!

I feel like such an Etsy n00b. I've been an active Etsy member for about 5 years and I've had my own Etsy shop since August. Yet only now am I discovering what adding to circles is really about. I thought it was a request for some kind of personal friendship with other users and shied away from it. Turns out it seems that it is more a way to stay updated on this person's activity. Wow. Hello! Anybody in there?

So last night I started adding a bunch of people to my circle, and now this morning, after a night of nightmares and receiving an email I did not want to read (personal issues) I log on to Etsy to change my mind and in my feed I was happy to discover so many updates from so many people! Just started favoring and adding all over the place! Really did brighten up my morning. And so I couldn't help but feel the need to show off at least one of the items I found.


Laurie Goldstein is a passionate ceramics artist (I hope I got that right!) working and living in Israel and amongst many other things, she made this charming little jewelry box. I am in love with these black floral designs, and the color & smooth appearance of the box. Anyone receiving this as a gift would be very lucky.

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