Sunday, 23 December 2012


Prepairing for a big cleaning up day on this 23rd of December. Recently found out my boyfriend and I won't be able to move out into our new home (our first home) till end of JAN - beginning of FEB. SO. That means I'm stuck in my family home for a while longer, and to make the waiting period a little more endurable, I'm going to take on cleaning my messy messy room. I told myself I wouldn't touch it till we started actually BOXING. That's around when the build up started, so this isn't going to be an easy job. Gonna try and turn my space into a last minute cocoon. And since music helps when there is work to be done, my iPod needs to be prepared for full use today.

AND I JUST REALIZED I HAVEN'T EVEN TOUCHED MY iTUNES IN ALL OF 2012!!!! OUCH! I used to discover music once a month, two months max... Time to update this dusty old 3rd generation iPod touch.


GRIMES is a group I discovered recently via my recomendations (as always) apparently from here in Montreal. Their video for Vanessa first caught my eye, then a re-listening of their song a week later caught my ear. (does that make any sense?)


Fun and interesting old interview of Bjork I watched last night:

I first discovered Bjork by accident, listening to a song she made with Thom Yorke (I've seen it all), back when I was still discovering RADIOHEAD.  I liked her music and downloaded a few songs. Particularly, OXYGEN was a melody that became one of my favorite songs altogether. Even if I don't really understand the Icelandic lyrics, her voice and the instruments speak more than enough.

This song is extremely calming. It helps me to... in French I would say "elle m'aide à aérer mes pensées". Direct translation, it helps to air my thoughts. (I hope that makes sense). Which is ironic considering the title of the song. Downloading her entire discography or "MEGADISCOGRAPHY". 3G!!! 3 movies' worth of mp3s... Finally I will get to fully discover her music.


Particularly this song, KEY SPARROW.

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