Friday, 14 December 2012

Doodles & notes

Doodled on myself during class using a liquid eyeliner marker. My teacher noticed me examining the marker with a fully doodled arm (no suspission there!) and gave me a grin. In older times, this would have earned me an ear-pulling.


While doodling these I couldn't help but be reminded of Audrey Kawasaki and Ann Siems. Not that these things on my arms could in any way be compared to their art. I was thinking more of how they sometimes overlap designs on parts of their subjects, or use them as a background. It kind of looks like these designs are made with something different than what mainly fills out the image, or maybe it's just because they are uniformly colored, unlike the rest of the image. Their art is so realistic that it's amazing to have a surreal layer. It really adds something special.

I might try this idea of layering, I guess you could say, 2D designs with 3D subjects, just to see if what it gives and if I can find a way to incorporate more of my own personal style in this probably very common/popular concept. Once I find myself with both free time and my entire painting kit all in one place that is, which... might be a long while!!!

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