Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Effie Trinket makeup interpretation by Rachel Adler

I was looking up pictures of Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games movie. As much as it is made out to look disturbing in the movie in contrast to the places & situations going on, her style is really nice... really interesting and special to say the very least. If I had to call it something I'd call it Victorian Bonbon. I’m not usually into this kind of extravagant extra classy cheerful fashion personally, but it’s vibrancy and creativity is really refreshing.

Anyway, then I came across this photo. I think it’s a picture of a fashion blogger named Rachel Adler. And I just love love love everything to do with this photo. I love the red around the eyes, I’ve always been a fan of that. I love the freckles and I love the shiny metallic lips that match the eyes and make their natural color stand out so much. Reminds me of something stellar and mellancolic. Like a Pierrot.

I think all my art will have redness around the eyes from now on. I just love it. I know in real life, you're not supposed to put red around your eyes because it looks sickly, or at least it's the case in casual makeup. But I like it, formally and casually. Always have wherever I have seen it. And I have seen this stylistic concept allot. So I'll drop it into the collection of physical characteristics of the basic profile of my characters.


  1. That Is really cool! What an awesome image! I have about that color eyes, so I´d love to get my hands on lipstick in that color! Even if I don´t know if I´d dare to wear it... I´m not so daring in my makeup... Red eyeshadow I have used, and it really makes this eyecolor pop!

  2. I am not very daring with makeup either but once in a while if I'm feeling particularly brave I go for it. If you ever do decide to try the lipstick, what I'd do as an alternative to rare lipstick color hunting is use blue eyeliner for the contours, and spread glittery green eyeshadow (which is much easier to find than glittery green lipstick!) over a previously applied sheet of lipgloss. My little sister tought me the gloss eyeshadow tip. She lives for makeup.

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