Saturday, 15 December 2012

Update about Etsy shop plans


It took a long time to decide this, but due to a conflict in themes blocking the possibility of new ideas long-term in conclusion, here is the new plan concerning the shop:

  • 1st shop =  GabrielleCaramelle 
    Theme = interior decor
    Items = Sculptures, Kleenex Boxes, Jewellery boxes, Origami decorations, Collage wall art

  • 2nd shop =  CaramelleBijoux 
    Theme = jewellery & jewellery making supplies
    Items = Necklaces, Bracelets, Destrash lots (recycled beads)
  • 3rd shop =  CaramelleCrafts 
    Theme = Craft supplies
    Items = digi stamps (digital stamps / printable illustration designs)
 This will be my main project from now till when these arrangements have been made, so I will not be making many actual items for the next while.

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